Parks, Trails & Places

Many of the listed parks, trails and places are not designed to handle large groups of people.  Please research the place before you go and use care when parking so as not to block byways or park on private properties.  In some instances there may not be parking available and you will just have to go back later!  
Keep your eye out for locations that do not yet have a verified site identifier. When you visit one of these locations, look for a distinguishing feature, take a selfie and send it in (don’t forget to include a current copy of the Kids’ Directory in your picture if you are competing for the grand prize). During the month of January, the person who submits the most verifiable site identifiers will win a $100 gift card to Kitsap Sports. The next top 5 submitters will win $10 gift certificates to CJ’s Evergreen General Store.

Bremertony9th Street Mini ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandnAaron Avenue Tot LotIdentifier
PoulsboyAmerican Legion ParkIdentifier
SilverdaleyAnderson Hill Athletic FieldsIdentifier
SilverdaleyAnderson Landing PreserveIdentifier
OlallanAnderson Point ParkIdentifier
SuquamishnAngeline ParkIdentifier
BremertonnAnna Smith Childrens ParkIdentifier
KingstonyArness Roadside ParkIdentifier
KingstonyA Quiet Place ParkIdentifier
PoulsboyAusturbruin ParkIdentifier
BremertonyBachmann ParkIdentifier
OlallayBandix Dog ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyBanner Forest Heritage ParkIdentifier
BremertonyBataan ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyBattle Point ParkIdentifier
PoulsboyBetty Iverson Kiwanis ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyBI Waterfront ParkIdentifier
SeabecknBig Beef Creek Wildlife Area -Morgan MarshIdentifier
Port OrchardyBill Bloomquist Rotary ParkIdentifier
KingstonyBillie Johnson Kingston Skate ParkIdentifier
Blake IslandyBlake Island State ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyBlakely Cemetery TrailIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyBlakely Harbor ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyBlakely Harbor TrailIdentifier
BremertonyBlueberry ParkIdentifier
BremertonnBridge to Bridge TrailIdentifier
BrownsvilleyBrownsville Marina ParkIdentifier
HansvilleyBuck Lake ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyCamp Yeomalt Rental FacilityIdentifier
KingstonyCarpenter LakeIdentifier
PoulsboyCentennial ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyCentral Park (Clayton Playground)Identifier
BremertonnChico Creek EstuaryIdentifier
BremertonyChico Salmon ParkIdentifier
SilverdaleyClear Creek Trail - Hospital Hill sectionIdentifier
SilverdaleyClear Creek Trail - Schold Farm sectionIdentifier
SilverdaleyClear Creek Trailk - Sa’qad Interpretive Center section Identifier
Bainbridge IslandnClose Trail (AKA Westwood Shore Trail)Identifier
PoulsbonCollege Marketplace Ball FieldsIdentifier
Port OrchardyCoulter Creek Heritage ParkIdentifier
PoulsbonCowling Creek Forest PreserveIdentifier
BremertonnDickerson Creek Salmon HabitatIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyEagledale ParkIdentifier
IndianolaEast Indianola BeachIdentifier
BremertonnEast ParkIdentifier
KingstonyEglon Beach ParkIdentifier
BremertonnErlands Point PreserveIdentifier
Port OrchardyEtta Turner ParkIdentifier
BremertonyEvergreen Rotary ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyFairy Dell TrailIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyFay Bainbridge ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyForest Explorer TrailIdentifier
BremertonyForest Ridge ParkIdentifier
PoulsboyForest Rock Hills ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyForest to Sky TrailIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyFort Ward Parade GroundsIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyFort Ward ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyFort Ward to Blakely Harbor TrailIdentifier
HansvilleyFoulweather BluffIdentifier
PoulsboyFrank Raab ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyGazzam Lake Nature PreserveIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyGideon ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyGivens ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyGrand Forest East Trail SystemIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandnGrand Forest North Trail SystemIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyGrand Forest West Trail SystemIdentifier
BremertonyGreen Mountain (Gold Creek Trail)Identifier
BremertonnGreen Mountain (Wildcat Trail)Identifier
SeabeckyGuillemot Cove Nature ReserveIdentifier
BremertonyHaddon ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyHalls Hill LabyrinthIdentifier
HansvilleyHansville GreenwayIdentifier
BremertonyHarborside Fountain ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyHarper Park & TrailIdentifier
SouthworthnHarper PierIdentifier
PoulsbonHattaland ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyHawley Cove ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyHidden Cove BallfieldsIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyHidden Cove ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyHidden Cove TrailIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyHilltopIdentifier
Port OrchardyHorseshoe Lake ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyHowe Farm ParkIdentifier
IllaheeyIllahee Preserve Heritage ParkIdentifier
IllaheeyIllahee State ParkIdentifier
IndianolayIndianola DockIdentifier
IndianolayIndianola Waterfront PreserveIdentifier
IndianolanIndianola Wetland PreserveIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyIsland Center ParkIdentifier
SilverdaleyIsland Lake ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyJohn Nelson TrailIdentifier
KeyportyKeyport Saltwater ParkIdentifier
KingstonnKingston Eglon TrailIdentifier
KingstonnKingston Nike SiteIdentifier
KingstonnKingston Trails PUD 1Identifier
BremertonyKitsap 9/11 MemorialIdentifier
BremertonyKitsap Conference Center PlazaIdentifier
BremertonyKitsap Kids Playground - FairgroundsIdentifier
BremertonyKitsap Lake ParkIdentifier
PoulsboyKitsap Memorial State ParkIdentifier
BremertonyKiwanis ParkIdentifier
KingstonyKola Kole ParkIdentifier
BremertonyLent Landing ParkIdentifier
BremertonyLillian and James Walker ParkIdentifier
BremertonyLions Park BremertonIdentifier
PoulsboyLions Park PoulsboIdentifier
Port OrchardyLong Lake ParkIdentifier
BremertonyLouis Mentor BoardwalkIdentifier
BremertonyLower Roto Vista ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyLytle BeachIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyMadison Tot LotIdentifier
BremertonyMadrona TrailsIdentifier
ManchesteryManchester State ParkIdentifier
BremertonyManette ParkIdentifier
BremertonyManette Walking TrailIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyManzanita ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyMary Ann Huntington Children's ParkIdentifier
BremertonyMatan ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyMcCormick Village ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandnMcRedmond TrailIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyMeigs ParkIdentifier
BremertonyMemorial Plaza/1st Street FountainsIdentifier
KingstonyMike Wallace ParkIdentifier
BremertonnMission LakeIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyMoritani PreserveIdentifier
PoulsbonMorrow Manor ParkIdentifier
PoulsboyMuriel Iverson Williams Waterfront ParkIdentifier
BremertonyN.A.D. Marine ParkIdentifiermap/doc
BremertonyN.A.D. ParkIdentifier
BremertonNavy Yard City Open SpaceIdentifier
PoulsboyNelson ParkIdentifier
PoulsboyNet Shed VistaIdentifier
SilverdaleyNewberry Hill Heritage ParkIdentifier
SeabeckyNick's LagoonIdentifier
KingstonyNorth Kitsap Heritage ParkIdentifiermap/doc
HansvilleyNorwegian Point ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyNute's Pond ParkIdentifier
SuquamishyOld Man House ParkIdentifier
SilverdaleyOld Mill ParkIdentifier
SilverdalenOlympic ViewIdentifier
BremertonnOtto Jarstad ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyOwen's PlaygroundIdentifier
PoulsboyOyster Plant ParkIdentifier
BremertonyPat Carey VistaIdentifier
Port OrchardyPaul Powers Children's ParkIdentifier
BremertonyPendergast Regional ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyPeters TrailIdentifier
HansvilleyPoint No Point Lighthouse and ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyPoint White PierIdentifier
Port GambleyPort Gamble Forest Heritage ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyPort of Bremerton Marina ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyPort of Waterman Public PierIdentifier
PoulsboyPoulsbo Pump TrackIdentifier
PoulsboyFish ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyPritchard ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyRed Pine ParkIdentifier
BremertonyRhododendron Preserve/Big Tree TrailIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyRockaway BeachIdentifier
Port OrchardnRockwell ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyRoss PointIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyRotary Centennial ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyRotary ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandySakai ParkIdentifier
PoulsboySalsbury Point County ParkIdentifier
KingstonySaltair Beach Park (aka North Beach)Identifier
Bainbridge IslandySands Avenue BallfieldIdentifier
SeabeckyScenic Beach State ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandySchel Chelb ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandySeabold ParkIdentifier
BremertonySheridan ParkIdentifier
HansvillenSid Knutson Hood Canal to Puget Sound TrailIdentifier
SilverdaleySilverdale Rotary Gateway ParkIdentifier
SilverdaleySilverdale Waterfront ParkIdentifier
BremertonySinclair Inlet Wildlife Viewing AreaIdentifier
BremertonySmith Nature Play ParkIdentifier
PoulsboySnider Park BallfieldsIdentifier
Port OrchardySouth Kitsap Regional ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardySquare Lake County ParkIdentifier
BremertonyStephenson CanyonIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyStrawberry Hill ParkIdentifier
SuquamishySuquamish DockIdentifier
SuquamishySuquamish Nature PreserveIdentifier
SuquamishySuquamish Sport Courts Identifier
Bainbridge IslandyT'Chookwap ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyTed Olson Nature PreserveIdentifier
BremertonyUeland Tree FarmIdentifier
Port OrchardyVan Zee ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardyVeterans Memorial ParkIdentifier
BremertonyView Point ParkIdentifier
KingstonyVillage Green ParkIdentifier
BremertonyWarren Avenue PlayfieldIdentifier
Port OrchardyWater Street Boat LaunchIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyWaypoint ParkIdentifier
Bainbridge IslandyWest Port Madison Nature PreserveIdentifier
PoulsbonWest Side Park (Future)Identifier
BremertonyWhitey DomstadIdentifier
Port OrchardnWicks Lake ParkIdentifier
BremertonnWildcat Lake (WDFW Water Access Area)Identifier
BremertonyWildcat Lake ParkIdentifier
PoulsboyWilderness ParkIdentifiermap/doc
Bainbridge IslandyWilliams-Olson ParkIdentifier
Port OrchardnWye Lake (WDFW Water Access Area)Identifier
Port OrchardnWynn-Jones PreserveIdentifier