Group Rules & Requirements for Official Challenge Submissions

Be safe visiting Kitsap’s Parks, Trails & Places

Search online for details before you go. Some places are very primitive and are not maintained for regular public use. They are open to the public, but as visitors, you must know the limitations.

The “Challenge” is open to everybody!

The Parks & Trails Challenge is merely an invitation to visit our public resources. If you wish to compete for the grand prize and other monthly/quarterly prizes, you must follow the Competitions Rules below.

Competition Rule #1: Register

If you wish to compete for prizes, you must register on our website kitsapkids.com/challenge2020 and submit a photo clearly showing your face.

Competition Rule #2: Submit photo check-ins

Your photo must include yourself, a copy of the Kitsap Kids’ Directory and the “Site Identifier” shown on our website or App. Keep sending in possible Site Identifiers for the locations that don’t have one yet. (A Site Identifier is something unique about the location that can be used to identify it in pictures. Many places don’t have signs).


– Compete for the grand by going to ALL the locations within 366 days  

– Compete for fun monthly prizes by visiting certain locations               (look for Facebook events)

– Just track your personal progress and see what you can do!